Product Packaging Disposal Information | Earth Friendly

Product Packaging Disposal Information | Earth Friendly

Below are listed details on what materials are considered recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable in the apothecary:

Frosted Glass Bottles
are recyclable, only after you wash out the contents & remove the label though. Make sure to find an appropriate recycle bin for disposal. The common spray cap & plastic dropper-top that come with the frosted glass bottles are unfortunately not recyclable- these have to go in the trash.  Tincture glass droppers can be recycled after a good clean.


Paper push-up tubes are biodegradable in common landfills. 

Labels are one of the only pieces to the products that have to unfortunately go in the trash, along with any plastic spray or dropper caps. Simply peel back and remove the label from your product and dispose of. 

Recycled Plastic Twist Tubes are recyclable. Set aside some time to remove as much product from the containers as possible with cotton swabs, then rinse with hot water and soap. Find an appropriate recycle bin to dispose in. 

Bio- film ‘Cellophane’ Clear Bags are completely industrial and house compostable as they are made with vegetable starch. They break down in six months to CO2, water and humus, a soil nutrient.





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