Are your products organic? 

While our products are not certified organic, they are made with organic ingredients and/or wildcrafted. Overall, they are thoughtfully sourced and crafted with the highest standards. 

How long does a 75ml balm last? And a 50ml?

Our 75ml balm may very well last you a whole year and a half, if applied every month sparingly. If you have more severe cramping, you may apply multiple times a day and go through this balm within 7-8 months. 

The 50ml balm lasts about 6 months- a year depending on frequency of use. 


Where do we apply the womb balms and oils? 

This application is designed to be simply rubbed over the womb space. Allow the product to absorb into the skin gradually for optimum use. 


How fast do your products work? 

While everyone is different, our Warming Womb Oil & Balm usually works within seconds. We suggest applying the Warming Womb Oil and Balm acutely, whereas the Cooling Flow-er Oil and Balm can be used throughout the month for maximum effect. 

Where can I purchase your products in person? 

I vend at the Eugene, Oregon Saturday Market & Holiday Market.