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Cooling Flow-er Womb Oil

Cooling Flow-er Womb Oil

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26 ml in a frosted glass dropper bottle


Cooling Flow-er Womb Oil helps reduce inflammation and cramping during ovulation while bringing extra relief and relaxation emotionally, with the gem essence of wildcrafted mica. The base of Castor Oil infused with fertility inducing herbs make it lovely to balance hormones, and support health for pre-conception.

It is specifically designed to support ovulation pain/ irregularities, and helps move stagnant fluids caused by too much heat in the womb space, resulting in a slow starting menstrual cycle.

Castor oil is blended with sunflower oil to make it non- sticky and an easy application.

Contains the following: Yarrow flower, Lemon Balm leaf, Hibiscus flower, Castor oil, Sunflower oil, with the Gem essence of Wildcrafted Mica

 Hibiscus has been known to have trace amounts of peanuts due to growing conditions, do not purchase if you have severe nut allergies

**Not to be used during pregnancy**


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