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Mugwort Womb Oil

Mugwort Womb Oil

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Launch into an Artemisia dream.

This slow-infused, womb oil is handcrafted with wild mugwort, gathered near the pristine Smith River of Northern California. Traditionally mugwort is used for pain in the uterus, joints, and overall body. The relaxing, nervine effect boasts itself during menstrual days.

Mugwort Womb Oil is naturally warming for cold uterine cramping. 

Coined Cronewort, by herbalist Susun Weed. This plant has a notable effect for the Crone years as well. 

Warm the oil in between your palms and rub over the womb region for connection to the moon and womb center.

The distinct effect mugwort has on the dream realm is experienced when this womb oil is applied before bed. The oil can also be rubbed on the middle of the forehead for influencing dreams and uncovering unconscious subtleties. 

Mugwort has the ability to clear and dissolve energetic blockages in the meridians, as seen in traditional moxabustion use. 

Wildcrafted Artemisia douglasiana & Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

Suggested Dose- 15 drops gently placed on temples, between eye brows, and another full dropper gently massaged over the womb space 

Due to the potent effect of mugwort already in low doses, this oil infusion is mild and not heavily concentrated.

In general, for sensitive individuals, highly concentrated mugwort infusions can result in restlessness in the daytime and at night time, during sleep. 

Not to be used during pregnancy

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