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Sage Femme Atmospheric Balancing Spray for Birth

Sage Femme Atmospheric Balancing Spray for Birth

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100 ml of S A G E  F E M M E which translates to a person (usually a midwife) who helps at the birth of a child. Although this mist is a not a physical person, it’s energy is intended as such. The formula is designed to balance both mental & physical aspects.

Birth is a highly sensitive experience requiring complete and utter concentration as well as surrender. 

A wide range of feelings including sensations of hot and cold can be felt, along with nausea and general intensity of bodily experiences.

During an undisturbed birth, the intention is to not interfere with the natural process of labor. This mist may assist in the overall transformation that takes place during this time.

The birthing person or birth partner may simply mist this spray around the room, it is also safe for the skin. 

Any birth experience may utilize this atmospheric mist whether you have a planned C-section or an induction. It’s simply calming, soothing, and relaxing. I want all mothers to feel the support from this mist.

Safe for all stages of labor, as well as the months leading up to it.

Blended with whole plant infusions & distillations:

100 ml of flower waters, hydrosols, and infused double-distilled witch hazel are featured. Three freshwater pearls from pristine, wild waters are placed inside the mist for an added energetic potency. 

Notes of cardamom, vanilla, ginger, and rose are prominent, followed by a fresh feeling from the mints. 

Cardamom- used in Ayurveda during birth to help balance nausea, and any sensations of overwhelm due to bodily adjustments that take place during labor 

Catnip & Spearmint- formulated for the atmospheric freshening qualities and anti-nausea, downward-moving “qi” properties

White Rose -  a delicate, heart warming scent for centering in the body

Ginger- Invigorating aroma that curbs nausea and brings the fire element into the birthing space to strengthen concentration 

Hibiscus- with an herbal affinity for all things womb and blood, this flower is featured for it’s brightening color & energetic essence that helps emotionally balance sexuality

Benzoin Tree Gum Resin- earthy, vanilla notes provide anchoring  

Olive Oil - the original anointing oil used during sacred rites of passage so many of thousands of years ago 

Freshwater Pearl- ruled by the moon, the Pearl is a long time feminine ally, most notably it is protective and calming in energy for the atmosphere of childbirth. In Ayurveda it is known for balancing the reproductive system in females. 

“In some cultures, it is customary for expectant mothers to wear pearl jewelry or keep a pearl gemstone nearby during labor and childbirth. It is believed that the pearl's energies can enhance the mother's endurance and resilience during the birthing process.” (Khana Gems)


For optimum storage, store in a dark cool place

Comes in a 3.4 oz glass misting bottle 

 **Hibiscus has been known to have trace amounts of peanuts due to growing conditions, do not purchase if you have severe nut allergies**



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