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Emmenagogue Water Soak

Emmenagogue Water Soak

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A heaping 3 ounces of Emmenagogue Water Soak in a compostable bag.

Float away in a floral atmosphere provided by the violet -perfuming Iris root (Orris).

Invoke the qualities of medicinal womb herbs, Hyssop & Juniper Berry, in a warm water soak. 

Juniper Berry 
Juniperus osteospermaBoth circulating and warming, Juniper promotes blood flow through its stimulating properties. A highly aromatic medicinal berry, it can promote menstrual flow balancing Dysmenorrhea (painful period). Particularly great for soothing cramps brewed in a hot water foot bath. Juniper Berry aids in bringing warmth into the womb and calming excess vata in the nerves. The medicinal action of the berry also promotes fertility, and helps with Amenorrhea (an abnormal absence of menstruation). 

Hyssop Flower Hyssopus officinalis-  Fragrant in a pungent, mint way, this flower brings about absent menstrual flow or Amenorrhea. It is known traditionally as cleansing and purging, used since ancient times. 

Orris Root Iris germanica  -  Used since the ancient Greeks, this fragrant root smells like violet with a delightful energetic quality. 

Salt of the Sea-  Sourced through solar evaporation this sea salt is gathered from the Pacific Ocean, in the West Coast, of North America. Beaming with minerals, as well as being naturally relaxing due to a high mineral content, salt holds a significant value in traditional applications. Used both as a medicinal and nutritional element, it was also used in rituals and held as  currency during ancient times. 

 How to Brew a Water Soak :

  • There are generally three options when it comes to making an infused water soak. 1) The first option is to throw all the contents into a hot water bath, however sometimes certain drains can’t handle the loose herbs. 2) The second option is to pour your water soak blend into a muslin cotton drawstring bag and place this in the hot water bath, while letting it diffuse over time. 3) The third option is to pour the water soak mixture into a large pot and put on a low simmer. Slowly simmer this mixture for 15 minutes +, until it begins to turn a dark color.
    Be sure to keep a lid on to capture the medicinal properties that escape through the steam. You would then pour this into your hot water bath. This is by far the most concentrated option and allows for optimum absorption and effectiveness. 

 Suggested duration of use- soak for 15 minutes for optimal effects 



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