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Warming Womb Balm - Pain Release Formula

Warming Womb Balm - Pain Release Formula

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This comes in a 75 ml recycled plastic twist-up tube that is easy to apply over the womb space and is mess-free.

Circulating aromas warm the womb and support the relief of pain during menstruation.  

Traditional Ayurvedic roots and bark are solar infused with minty crystals to circulate & stimulate warmth.  Designed to absorb through the transdermal layer of the skin just above our womb.

Full of potency, with Hawaiian Red Alea clay infused salt, this topical oil saturates our nerves and nourishes blood with magnesium and iron for true restoration. In Ayurveda Mineral rich salt is said to calm vata, which is very important in the womb space. 

Naturally occurring Salicylic acid found in Salix alba (White Willow Bark) diminishes pain and inflammation while Arnica moves stagnant blood.

This product is designed to balance womb cramping, spasms, and cold stagnation. As well as ease any aches or discomfort in the lower back when applied topically over that region. 

- Energetically moves stagnation and stuck energy

Traditional oil decoction with a fusion of modern western herbalism combines to make a potent product.


* For topical skin applications only * DO NOT PUT ON SENSITIVE TISSUE such as ears, eyes, nose, and vulva *


Contains the following: Cinnamon Bark, Ginger Root, White Willow Bark, Cayenne Pepper, Red Alea Salt, Arnica Flower infused in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Beeswax, Mentha arvensis crystals, & Vit E oil 

Extra Virgin Olive oil vata pacifying for the womb transdermally

Cayenne Pepper, Ginger Root, Arnica Flowerwomb circulatory stimulants and blood movers that reduce cramping. Cayenne Pepper absorbs on a transdermal level and stops womb pain by blocking substance P receptors


Not to be used during pregnancy, however this is a great ally for those postpartum pains 

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